In 1996 Oxford Blues SHC grew after the local ice hockey player and coach, Trevor Joseph ran many successful fun sessions, working on the principal of Fun First, results a bonus

In an effort to gain experience we arranged as many “friendlies” as possible with neighbouring teams such as Ash Avalanche and Abingdon. Playing roller hockey teams in Banbury and Farnham the boys had great fun in swapping equipment and trying the others sport.

In August 1997 the Pee-Wees attended their first tournament in Milton Keynes and being placed third won their first trophy. A great achievement and morale booster coming just before the start of the league that year.

Since then, the club has grown with the addition of Minnow, Youth, Junior, Senior, ladies and Veteran teams, representing all age groups, and supporting all abilities.

The club considers friendlies vitally important and continues to arrange matches regularly – giving the players valuable experience and maintaining contacts and good relations with other clubs.

Working with Oxford City Sports Development team, 5 street sports sites have been built around the city, where street hockey and other sports can be safely practised under expert guidance. These sites are fertile ground for more potential players to catch the skater hockey bug.

Oxford Blues encourages new and beginner players, as long as they have a positive attitude. It is the younger players (and their parents) who are the future of the club.