Skater Hockey

This is the one we play… skater Hockey is ice hockey on inline roller skates (or quads). It shares much of the equipment, rules and excitement of the game played on ice, except it can be played in sports halls arenas and any where with a smooth playing surface. This makes it much more accessible than ice hockey, and able to accommodate a broad range of skill levels. Because of this, skater hockey currently has more members and teams in the UK than Ice Hockey. Ice hockey is played with a Puck and Skater hockey is more usually played with a ball. Opinions are divided on whether puck or ball is best, but most skater hockey is played with a ball as this is faster and more controllable. FIND OUT MORE

Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is an older game, more usually played on quad skates, is non-contact and has a greater resemblance to field hockey than ice hockey. The stick is a double faced field hockey stick and no body armour is worn. Roller hockey is controlled by the National Roller Hockey association and should not be (but often is) confused with Skater hockey. Unfortunately, in the USA Roller Hockey is the more usual term for our sport and so the confusion continues.

Street Hockey

Street hockey is a form of urban hockey that developed out of kids with skates wanting to play a team game. Many Skater Hockey clubs have developed from parents wanting a safer way for their street hockey playing kids to enjoy the game.

Many street hockey events take place around Oxford. These usually take place in specially built multi-purpose football/basketball/hockey courts in various sites around Oxford. Long gone are the days when the sport was played in the street , or indeed the local supermarket car park!

For more information on Street hockey in Oxford visit the sports for streets facebook page or the UK street hockey facebook page